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The Wedding DJ

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Your wedding is going to turn out amazingly great, because unlike other DJs I've been performing exclusively weddings now for over 25 years, resulting in a unique Weddings Only service that provides truly professional results unlike any other DJ.

Unlike other DJs my style is tasteful, professional, and wedding appropriate. In other words it's perfect for your wedding, such as you won't find any cheesy announcements, embarrassing behavior, or traditional DJ style at your wedding. You can say my unique style is the New DJ Style, because it is the style that today's brides and grooms really want for their wedding.

I'm going to coordinate each step of your reception, move your reception forward by making sure you two are ready, and guide your guests attention. I’m going to completely customize and stylize your music to both your individual tastes and selections, so you two really will get the music you want.

Other DJ companies subcontracted out DJs, of lower experienced and lower quality that work most of the weddings they book, resulting in many ruined weddings. I’m very different, with me your wedding won't get treated as just another number like this, since when you book with me you will get me a as your DJ along with all my expertise and high skill level.

Most importantly, I treat every one of my brides and grooms with the highest level of care as if they are a good friend or family member. And unlike other DJs, I'm 100% consistent at turning out professional results by leaving nothing to chance, so with me you get a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. No other DJ works this way, so with me you will truly eliminate taking any risk of your wedding day being ruined and instead have an amazingly great wedding!

The Wedding DJ


List of Service Details

You get me, Wedding Professional & Specialist Russ Messick, as your DJ on your wedding day. Other DJs will send out others people to DJ a lot of the weddings they've booked, by subcontracting out your wedding to someone else; who knows who you might get?

I'll be providing you with superior personalized and customized service.

I'lll provide music sound systems and wireless microphones wherever needed and am able to accommodate all conditions.

I'm obsessive about punctuality, resulting in never being late to a wedding in all my 25 years of performing weddings. No other DJ has that type of track record.

With me, you get a punctuality system set in place. I arrive to your location 4 hours prior to music start time, even though average setup time is 1.5 hrs. This is how I'm never late, but since other DJs won't do this they are sometimes late to weddings.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Security knowing that having me as your DJ is a safe and excellent choice. Unlike other DJs, with me even your balance isn't due till after your wedding, as reassurance of the superior service you will receive.

I'll be conducting the announcements at your wedding, which will be tastefully conducted in both words and tonality.

At your wedding, I'll will be keeping your wedding reception together and flowing smooth at the right pace, by orchestrating and arranging every step of your reception, prior to my initiating the steps of your reception.

At your wedding, I'll be providing
the best in professional sound equipment that is updated and replaced biyearly for reliability, sound quality, and aesthetics at your wedding.

Unlike other DJs I work just one wedding per day, so the whole day is dedicated to just your wedding for complete flexibility and punctuality.

I wear a tailored black suit, black dress shirt and shoes, and a strait regularly knotted tie that is sold silver/gray with a slight sheen. I can also dress to accommodate any style wedding, such as Country Style or Beach Style. You'll find the drop down menu on my Reception Planner to choose which one style you want.

The music selections played at your wedding will reflect your personal choices and style.

At your wedding I will have my Verizon wireless broadband ready for instant onsite music downloads it the need arises.

I have an extensive knowledge of all genres and all decades of music, so I can help you if you need help with your music selections.

Half the couples that hire me live out of state and are having a destination wedding here. Because of this I have perfectly organized and streamlined my service, so that everything can be done by phone and online accurately and efficiently. Everything from getting to know about my service to all planning and communication, allowing for better use of your time and energy.

I've performed well over 10x more ceremonies than other DJs, so because of this I have developed a specific skill set for ceremonies that will make a significant difference in your ceremony having a positive outcome.

With me as your DJ you can have up to three areas at your venue where music systems are playing for seamless movement of your guests from ceremony site, to cocktail hour site, to reception site.

I c
ater to and am respectful of all religions, orientations, ethnicities, and cultures.

Whatever style of wedding you're having works great with me, since I'm used to performing all styles; from casual nontraditional, to black tie, to beach style, or country style, and many others.


Please before contacting me read Wedding Secrets where I expose "Hidden Secrets" being kept from brides and grooms.


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